Meet Rachel

Hi! I’m Rachel.

I’m a Raleigh-based writer, editor, teacher, and puzzle constructor who may have a *slight* addiction to crosswords.

Currently, I’m the Deputy Editor at HelloGiggles (previously, the Entertainment News Editor at Bustle and the Wellbeing Editor at Mic). My writing has appeared in The New York Times, Glamour, Vulture, NBC News, and more. Additionally, I teach writing classes for Gotham Writers Workshop and Redbud Writing Project.

Oh, and I love words—like, the speak-too-many-at-a-time, write-70,000-of-them-in-a-book kind of love. And what better way to express that than in a crossword puzzle? After years spent devouring as many puzzles as I could get my hands on, I decided in early 2020 to start creating my own, with a twist—I’d personalize them for my friends and family!

When the response to those first few crosswords was overwhelmingly positive, I decided to make more and more. Since then, I’ve constructed 150+ puzzles, for family, friends, and strangers on the internet—and I’ve loved every single one.

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