Meet Rachel

Hi! I’m Rachel.

I’m a Raleigh-based writer, editor, teacher, and puzzle constructor who may have a *slight* addiction to crosswords.

My writing has appeared in The New York Times, Glamour, Vulture, NBC News, The Daily Beast, and more. Additionally, I teach writing classes for Gotham Writers Workshop and Redbud Writing Project. Previously, I was the Deputy Editor at HelloGiggles, the Entertainment News Editor at Bustle, and the Wellbeing Editor at Mic.

Oh, and I love words—like, the speak-too-many-at-a-time, write-70,000-of-them-in-a-book kind of love. And what better way to express that than in a crossword puzzle? After years spent devouring as many puzzles as I could get my hands on, I decided in early 2020 to start creating my own, with a twist—I’d personalize them for my friends and family!

When the response to those first few crosswords was overwhelmingly positive, I decided to make more and more. Since then, I’ve constructed 150+ puzzles, for family, friends, and strangers on the internet—and I’ve loved every single one.

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